Conversion Calculators


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Disclaimer: Some outputted values will need rounding due to conversion formulas

Length Conversion

Miles Yards Feet Inches
Have at it!
Kilometers Meter Centimeters Millimeters  You almost have to

Weight Conversion

Metric Tons Kilograms Grams Tons Pounds Oz

Volume Conversion

Milliliters Liters Fluid
Cups Pints Quarts Gallons

Pressure Conversion

Bar Kg/cm Psi

Temperature Conversion

Celsius Fahrenheit

Knot/MPH Conversion

Knot MPH

Time Conversion

(Based on 365 days/year)
Seconds Minutes Hours Days Years

Torque Conversion

Kilogram Meters Newton Meters Foot Pounds Inch Pounds

Kw/HP Conversion


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